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Deposits is a full colour glossy 52 page high quality earth science magazine. It is a quarterly publication, available as single issues or on subscription. We offer as a printed edition, or PDF download.


Deposits magazine has gained a strong reputation worldwide, for its superb quality of articles in topical areas. We have authors from around the globe, writing top quality articles for us.

For all levels

What makes Deposits unique, it is aimed at all levels. Each issue features readers recent finds, poems, an events diary and a well balanced variety of articles. Whilst we feature a few technical articles, these come with a glossary for understanding the terminology.

In this issue...

The nautilus and the ammonite - by Ken Brooks

This article was inspired by a poem in which an ammonite and a nautilus travel the world’s oceans for millions of years, until they are finally separated by extinction. This was originally presented as an illustrated talk by the author for the Hastings & District Geological Society. Ammonites belong to a group of sea animals known as cephalopods, which today includes their relatives the octopus...

Geology and fossils of the Hastings area

This article includes an adaptation of a field trip from Pett to Fairlight described in my book (see the book review opposite). In fact, the book begins with two local field trips (the other covers the section from Rock-a-Nore), in which various rocks and fossils are identified and then used to reconstruct a picture of life in Southeast England, around 140mya. The coast from Hastings to...

The petrified wood of the Oligocene of Antigua

Antigua, in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles volcanic arc, has a geology that is remarkably limited in time, but not in lithology. With the exception of some Quaternary cover deposits of limited extent, the entire rock succession of this island in the West Indies was deposited in the Late Oligocene (Fig. 1). The Late Oligocene ranges from about 28.8 to 23.03mya...
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