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Deposits is a full colour glossy 52 page high quality earth science magazine. It is a quarterly publication, available as single issues or on subscription. We offer as a printed edition, or PDF download.


Deposits magazine has gained a strong reputation worldwide, for its superb quality of articles in topical areas. We have authors from around the globe, writing top quality articles for us.

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What makes Deposits unique, it is aimed at all levels. Each issue features readers recent finds, poems, an events diary and a well balanced variety of articles. Whilst we feature a few technical articles, these come with a glossary for understanding the terminology.

In this issue...

A history of stone tools

At an Essex Rock and Mineral Society annual ‘rock and gem’ show a while ago, I purchased what I believe is a significant trace fossil. It was a 300,000+ year old African Acheulean culture hand-axe stone tool, made by the early hominid species, Homo erectus. The tool I had noticed was a particularly distinctive one of the batch being offered and was also the oldest one of that group. As I held it...

Fossil seabeds

In a sequence of marine sedimentary rocks, a fossil seabed occurs where there is a change in the sedimentation rate or type. In these conditions, whatever was present on the seabed at that time is preserved beneath succeeding sediments. In consequence, a fossil seabed presents us with an idea of what was present at the time and what was happening in the environment. For example, preserved ripple...

Triassic marine vertebrates
from China

The last 15 years have seen a real boom in the studies on Middle-Late Triassic marine vertebrates in south-western China. This is the result of new scientific excavation campaigns involving localities that are either totally new or were formerly little known. At present, four faunas are considered to be fundamental to the reconstruction of the marine vertebrates (and, at...
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